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Bob Grove

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Bob’s early career fueled his passion for travel. After 15 years working in the hotel, airline, outdoor recreation, and hospitality arenas, Bob became an independent consultant specializing in tourism development, public relations, and travel media. Bob has been featured on the cover of Travel Agent Magazine for bringing diversity to travel by combining auto vacations with traditional travel services. He is a frequent guest on local TV and radio, former co-host of Inside the Outdoors radio show in Salt Lake City and is a frequent contributor to KSL TV Studio 5 with a segment called “Family Friendly Adventures.” In 2010, Bob teamed up with Maverik convenience stores (300 + locations in 11 western states) to promote road trips, adventure, and recreation as Maverik Adventure Getaways. One of Bob’s greatest passions is to lead groups on scenic adventures and sight seeing tours throughout the west and has been doing it since 1992. He and his wife live in southwest Utah and spend their time together hiking, biking, skiing and road tripping.

What is RoadTrippinWithBob?

It‘s about adventure, scenic places and the natural wonders of the west. It’s about the lifestyle and people of the west. It’s about discovery.

I‘m Bob, road warrior and adventure seeker. I’m a tour guide and owner of Driveaway Adventures, a business I started in 1993 to feed my passion and addiction to road tripping.

I’ve been traveling the highways, byways, and back-roads of the west since the ’70’s with most of my adventures in Utah and neighboring states. With all those years and miles behind me, I still feel that I’ve barely scratched the surface of the innumerable possibilities out there.

What is my favorite trip? The one I‘m currently on. I know, canned response. It’s difficult to pin down one favorite trip or destination. My preference is to follow the roads less traveled, you know, the roads and places that have more cows than people.

My advice, load up the car, point, and go.

I also started this blog to share these experiences with the members of the tours I guide. You know who you are! Travel is experiential. The places and people you meet on my tours will last a lifetime. I’ll help out by posting a few photos.