Goblin Valley State Park Utah

Goblin Valley is one of our family’s favorite parks. It’s a playground on steroids! There are few places, if any, that are better for a serious round of hide-n-seek. It’s also a favorite “surprise” stop on our tours.

Adventure Tip: Hidden away on the park’s eastern boundary, beyond the cliffs that form the far wall of the Valley of Goblins, is a massive cavernous formation known as The Goblin’s Lair. Not truly a cavern, the “lair” is actually a beautiful slot canyon, the entrance of which has been sealed by rock fall.

1.5 miles one way, some scrambling is required to access the lair.

Susan and I rappelled 70 ft. in to Goblin’s Lair with the assistant park ranger a couple of years ago. Until then I had no idea it even existed.

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