Picabo Street Academy Enrollment Open For Students Pursuing Extra-­‐Curricular Passions

Year-Round School Provides Flexibility for Education, Competitive Activities

PARK CITY, Utah (September 12, 2017) ­— Picabo Street Academy, located in Park City, Utah, invites families of talented student athletes, musicians and artists to enroll in their year-round academic program. The 12-month, fully accredited AdvancED education program provides flexible learning schedules for 7th – 12th graders, as well as students pursuing a post-graduate year, whose demanding training and competition schedules conflict with the traditional school calendar.

“Our education model offers solutions for students challenged with balancing schoolwork and the rigorous time commitments of a sport, music talent or other extra-curricular activity,” said Picabo Street Academy President & Co-Founder Picabo Street. “Parents, who we consider partners in their children’s education, can rest assured their child will not be sacrificing their future education opportunities as they pursue their outside passions.”

The Academy offers open enrollment year-round, allowing students to begin their school year at any time. Progress is customized to each student’s training and competition schedule instead of a calendar, and courses and credits are based solely on students’ needs and abilities. Live teachers provide support in Park City classrooms through face-to-face, one-to-one, and small group teaching, fully integrated with virtual curriculum delivery. Students have the option to enroll full-time or take individual classes to supplement their current school program, depending on their learning style and specific demands of their extracurricular activity.

Students focus on mastering English, Math, Science and Social Studies courses, while fulfilling elective requirements to meet state and national requirements. AP, Honors, advanced foreign language courses and concurrent enrollment are available, as well as ongoing ACT and SAT preparation and college planning assistance. All Picabo Street Academy programs exceed USOE standards and NCAA approvals.

Homestay accommodations can be arranged for Academy students in Park City for short or long-term requirements. In addition, the Academy awards tuition-based financial scholarships for one-year or partial-year terms for qualifying students based on need and merit. Not unlike the benchmarks of which these students are already accustomed, each scholarship awarded comes with an expectation of a standard of excellence, determination, performance, attitude, attendance, hard work and effort.

For more information about Picabo Street Academy, contact Dan Kemp, Head of School, at 435-714-1408 or dkemp@psa-edu.com.