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Wilderness River Adventures offers over 50 combined years of experience as white water outfitters on the Colorado River, specializing in river rafting adventures through Grand Canyon and Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park.

From our founding days, we’ve focused on ensuring an unrivaled experience for our guests. We believe an adventure vacation is only as good as your guide, which is why we choose to work with the most experienced, knowledgeable and hospitable guides on the Colorado River. Our guides are like family to us, and some of them have chosen to spend a lifetime with Wilderness River Adventures.

Our Mission – At Wilderness River Adventures, we have one goal: to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. We strive to let the Colorado River’s never-ending current carry you to new discoveries—natural, historical, and within yourself. We serve as your guides, teachers, cooks, and friends, encouraging you to fully immerse yourself in each day’s adventure. Each whitewater rafting journey is unique, and we offer it to our guests with absolute authenticity and a deep commitment to sharing our passion for the waters that flow through the Grand Canyon and Cataract Canyon.

Our Belief – We’ve always believed that better equipment makes for better experiences. That’s why we constantly update our rafts and our gear—ensuring each trip is safe, memorable, and comfortable. From our 37-foot motor-powered raft built with rugged neoprene and compartmentalized air chambers for added safety, to the assurance that each guest receives a brand new sleeping bag at the beginning of our extended trips, Wilderness River Adventures knows what goes into making the experience of a lifetime.

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